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Ha ha oh god you’re serious
— Myself, realising that a travel agent didn’t know if Seoul was in North or South Korea. Or what the difference was.
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How to operate your home Saturn S-IV

Photo 12 Jul For when your computer needs to think about WHAT IT DID

For when your computer needs to think about WHAT IT DID

Photo 28 Jun Planned Obsolescence FOREVER AND EVER

Planned Obsolescence FOREVER AND EVER

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— A more appropriate name for my plasma physics fast ion code that eats memory. It took 2 minutes for it to get to 7GB.
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Because not telling you how anything works and suddenly changing our mind about how things work is the way we do it around here
— Myself, imagining the thought processes that went in to designing the Kyrandia adventure games.
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Wandering out of a nightclub and encountering some drunk world cup fans happily walking down the road, screaming “SOCCCAAAARRR”
— Myself, on things that don’t make sense due to the spatial and temporal location of the event: Southern Germany December 2002 Edition.
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Seb’s Kitchen: A Simulation.



Quote 13 Jun
One day, I will manage to convince myself that the Spice Girls “Spice Up Your Life” and Ricky Martin’s “Cup of Life” are not actually the same song.
But not today.
— Myself, on decade long struggles.
Photo 23 May Victory.


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Aww yis weather is pretty.

Link 22 May Building The Impossible: Mirror’s Edge»

Doing 2 years of work in 3 months. Oddly similar to what’s happening with my Masters.

Quote 16 May
Full Time Postgraduate Research: Where else can you learn to throw a tea bag in to a bin with such precision?
— Myself, on valuable uses of time.
Quote 13 May
Let’s hope that this drive 4x the size of that current one won’t magically fill up in less than a year,despite my attempts to keep it as empty as possible. Also I hope the USB to SATA junk I bought actually works properly and doesn’t cause everything to inexplicably burst in to flame.
— Myself, on responsible upgrades to my computer machine.

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